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Sprayer Type Deaerator

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Cooperated with STORK patented products form the Netherlands, with strong adaptability, stable operation under low temperature water and overload conditions. It has small exhaust volume, high deaeration efficiency with stable dissolved oxygen. Reliable operation, convenient maintenance, long service life, high seismic resistance and low noise are its advantages.
Product introduction
Deaerator is a kind of hybrid heater in the regenerative system of steam turbine. It uses the middle extraction of the steam turbine to heat the boiler feed water to the saturation temperature under the working pressure of the deaerator, so as to remove the dissolved oxygen and other non condensable gases in the water, prevent or slow down the corrosion of the boiler, the steam turbine and its pipes, extend the service life, and ensure the safe operation of the power plant. The operation of deaerator adopts physical deaeration mode, which is divided into two stages, primary deaeration stage and deep deaeration stage. The primary deaeration stage is accomplished by a spray device. Under various conditions, the spray device can atomized the condensate sufficiently and fully contact with the steam and heat it to the saturation temperature. In saturated state, oxygen and non condensable gases are separated from the water and enter the steam space and gathered near the spray device. When the segregated oxygen is accumulated to a certain concentration, it will be removed from the operating oxygen outlet along with a small amount of steam. The deep deaeration stage is realized by injecting the main steam into the lower part of the water tank. According to different conditions of steam, pressurized hot water, steam, and water mixture can act as deaeration medium.
There are two main types of deaerator, atmospheric (low pressure) deaerator and pressure (high and medium pressure) deaerator. The operation mode includes constant pressure and sliding pressure. 

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