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HP Feedwater Heater

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Low energy consumption, compact structure, less occupied area, low consumption of materials, etc.

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High pressure feedwater heater is a equipment that uses steam turbine extraction to heat boiler feed water. It can improve thermal efficiency of power plant, save fuel, and contribute to safe operation of the unit. This equipment is generally a fully welded, U-shaped tube sheet structure. It consists of three sections, superheat section, saturation section and cooling section. When the superheated steam enters the shell from the steam inlet, it firstly passes through the superheated steam cooling section, during which the superheated steam is cooled into saturated steam. Then it enters the steam condensation section, where the steam condenses into water, and the condensed hot water enters the hydrophobic cooling section, continues to release heat to be absorbed by the feed water, and finally the condensate flows out through the hydrophobic outlet. This equipment has the advantages of low energy consumption, compact structure, less occupied area, long service life, etc.. It can strictly control the drain water level and drain flow rate to meet the users’ requirements of water supply and drain end difference. There are three types of high-pressure feedwater heater: inverted vertical type, upright type and horizontal type. There are safety accessories such as safety valve, pressure gauge, thermometer and liquid level gauge on the equipment to ensure a safe and efficient operation of the equipment.

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